About the Military Literature Festival.

Punjab has borne the brunt of ruthless invaders since times immemorable. History has it that the people of this land were subjected to untold horrors and deprivations over the ages. Repeated wars gave birth to a hardy population that brought forth some of the finest warriors who walked the earth. With war came sacrifices that spurred great tales of heroism and valor. The great Mahabharata, the world’s longest poem, is set in this very region.

To honour and commemorate the legendary bravery and sacrifices of our ancestors from this great land, we bring for you Military Literature Festival.

The festival is set on the shores of the picturesque Sukhna Lake, amidst stately groves of ancient trees, teeming with birdlife.

The ‘Greatest Literature Show in India’

Here will gather the greatest military leaders, thinkers, authors, writers, poets, artists, journalists and war correspondents from national and International shores, They will set the stage for the most valuable dialogue and discussions.

To pamper you at this conclave of the brave, we have a variety of entertainment and enriching events that are sure to take your breath away. So please come one, come all to the  Military Literature Festival 2019.

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